4K PROJECT is an experimental exhibition that aims to anticipate the transition between traditional exhibitions and those of tomorrow. Fine art prints enhance the images by taking benefit of the rendering and sensuality of the paper and associating the talent of the photographer and that of the print expert. The new 4K screens, by their finesse and their luminosity, allow a direct view on the original image, giving back, in large format, the brilliance and rendering of the slides. Ultra-HD technology solves lighting problems. The screen is no longer just a computer monitor, but a fine-art print that respects all the details of the image, faithfully restores its nuances, contrast and depth. It also allows a large number of images to be displayed on a limited space. 4K PROJECT is an animated show, on eight synchronized ultra-high definition screens, combining traditional photographs and short video footage. One discovers the moments before or after the actual capture of an image, the insects jump from one screen to the other and the panoramas come alive. 4K PROJECT enhances the work of artists by means of an editing system, by means of which the images are no longer static, but respond and complement each other, such as the pages of a book. 4K PROJECT takes place under the eyes of the visitor, according to a rhythm timed by the nature of the subject.


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