Recent digital SLRs are all capable of recording video. But to move from shooting stills to making a film, you have to change many habits. It is also necessary to replace some  accessories well adapted to still pictures by others designed for motion recording. Let's have an overview of the small and big changes that must be taken into account when one has the ambition to shoot videos with a DSLR.



During video recording, one doesn't have as much flexibility as with still pictures to choose the exposure time. If one wants to avoid artificial effects, it is necessary that the exposure time is adapted to the frame rate; 1 / 50s for the rate of 25 fps, for example. To work with lwide apertures and with sun light, one can use a neutral gray filter. For more flexibility, one can choose a variable density filter.


To avoid to record unwanted camera noises, it is necessary to use an external microphone. If you are not an expert in sound recording, a cheap model is enough. Self-powered models such as this Aputure V-Mic D2 that receives two AAA batteries are compatible with many devices. The second essential accessory is the headphones. Indeed, one must be able to listen to the sound one records. It is as useful as the monitor for the images. To avoid overloading in the field, I recommend to choose a compact and lightweight model.


The Atomos video recorders lineup is made of several models. There are, however, two big families. The most affordable models record up to 1080p Full HD at 30 fps. The Ninja Blade is equipped with a beautiful screen of 1270x720 pixels. This Ninja Blade is an excellent compromise. It is a perfect choice in association with a DSLR as long as one did not record 4K. At the top of the range, there are models compatible with 4K videos. They can also record HD video in 1080p up to 120 fps. The Atomos Assassin and newer models are suitable for 4K recording. Keep in mind that the ultra high definition 4K requires massive disk space and is expensive!



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