Since the MicroMagic exhibition done with Stephen Dalton and displayed in 2012 at the Montier-en-Der festival, I continued my activity on insect photography in flight. My work has led me to diversify species and biotopes that I shoot on my photographs and to push even further the search for details. To this end, I enhanced my tools and my working methods. Today, I have a unique photo equipment with which I was able to take unprecedented shots with even more details and precision than in 2012. The book "Speed ​​Flyers" is the result of the use of this equipment during five years in many French regions.

In addition, I had in mind to diversify the media that I use in order to show the nature that fascinates me with a fresh point of view. I also wanted to share the back stage of my unconventional nature photography practice. Therefore, I started shooting a film.

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The movie "speed flyers" takes you on a strange planet . In this world, gravity has less effect on living beings. Physics laws are different since it becomes easier to rely on the air to follow impossible path. Time is slower and second turns into eternity. The evolution of species found there more opportunities to create a fantastic diversity.

Three hundred million years of evolution have allowed the insects to develop incredible flying techniques. Beetles hide large wings neatly folded under their wing covers . Bedbugs' takeoff is noisy as if they would turn on a small motor. Bees and flies have developed a morphology that allows them to perform hundreds of wing beats per second. Locusts and grasshoppers jump in a millisecond before deploying their translucent wings . The butterflies that look like flying flowers have a perfect mastery of the aerodynamic rules. Finally, dragonflies behave like real fighter pilots with their highly sophisticated wings.

To enter in this world, Ghislain Simard has developed special photographic techniques designed to freeze the fastest action of the insect world . He worked with the Hasselblad design department in Sweden to develop a hyper reactive camera and is equipped with special high-voltage flash units that allow a exposure time of only 1/111,000s ! The film "speed flyers" takes you on the field, with Ghislain Simard, to discover how high-speed shots are made.

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Speed Flyers, the movie



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