There are dreams that never becomes reality. As a teenager, an article read in Chasseur d'Images No. 85 triggered an unreasonable desire: use a medium format camera for close-up photography. At the beginning of 2010, when MF cameras with better high sensitivity performance hit the market, I could not resist to test them ... and I paid an indecent price to buy a new camera! A few weeks later, a large box hit by a tall H arrived from Sweden.



The Hasselblad medium format camera is equipped here with a 28 mm wide-angle lens. It frames like a 20 mm with a full frame 24x36 DSLR.


Ghislain a débuté en moyen format avec un Hasselblad H4D-40 équipé d'un "petit" capteur de 33 x 44 mm. Puis, il a longtemps utilisé le H5D-60 équipé d'un capteur CCD plein format 4,5 x 6 de 60 megapixels avant de passer en 2017 au fantastique H6D-100c. Comme son nom l'indique, ce dernier vaisseau amiral de la marque suédoise est équipé d'un capteur de 100 mégapixels. Mais celui-ci est de type CMOS et il propose une excellente qualité en haute sensibilité. Il offre aussi le Liveview ainsi que l'enregistrement de vidéo en 4K ultra haute définition en format RAW.


he H6D is based on a new, faster electronic platform that eliminates any display latency on the LCD, which allows bursts up to 2.5 fps and offers a USB 3 interface. With CMOS sensors that replace the CCD, the H6D offers a real liveview mode at 30 fps. Even more, thanks to built-in Wifi in the H6D, the liveview can be controled remotely on an iPad. The Phocus Mobile app also allows you to control all the functions of the camera. An HDMI connector appears on the side of the back. It allows you to view the liveview image on an external device. The HDMI connector also allows to get output video signal recorded by the camera because, yes, the H6D is able to capture video on its large sensor in Full HD (1920 x 1080) or 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) according to the model.



First fellings


The lenses


In the field


The image quality : nothing but another world !

Medium format rendering

Ghislain Simard

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